Property bubble burst unlikely in near future, says AmInvestment Bank

A property bubble burst is unlikely to happen in the Asia Pacific, including Malaysia, as there are no signs to indicate such a trend in the next two years, says AmInvestment Bank Group.

Director for retail funds Ng Chze How said real estate investment trusts (REITS) would also not experience a burst including those acquired by the group.

“I don't see a burst or a crash in the property market.”

“You have high wages, ample liquidity, small percentage of non-performing loans and these plus steps taken by the government to prevent the economy from overheating, augur well for the property market.”

“I don't see a property burst (happening) in the next six months, one year or two years down the line,” he told reporters at the launch of Malaysia's first Asia Pacific REITs fund, AmAsia Pacific REITs, on Tuesday.

He said with these factors in place coupled with an economic recovery, there would be more upside in the market.

AmAsia Pacific REITs invests in a diversified portfolio of REITs listed in the Asia Pacific region.

Ng was optimistic the REITS selected by the group would see high occupancy rate and increasing rental.

"Selected Asian properties have yet to reach their previous peak, as such, there is room for potential growth," he said, adding that properties were seen as a good hedge during the current inflationary period. - Bernama